Keyforge compatible key tokens
Keyforge compatible key tokens
Keyforge compatible key tokens

Keyforge compatible key tokens

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A beautiful set of 3 keys compatible with the game keyforge.

You can now choose the colour of your keys and gems. You can have a set of 3 the same colour or you can mix it up and have 3 different key colours.

In the picture (9 keys) from top to bottom you have:

Top row: silver keys with amber gems (keys have been painted to show what they can look like if you paint them).

Middle row: gold with red gems, silver with blue gems, copper with Amber gems.

Bottom row: Rose gold, platinum, bronze.

Please specify when ordering which colour keys and gems you would like.

These keys are made from metallic finish acrylic and have an intricate pattern engraved on both sides and embellished with plastic gems on one side to represent the unforced and forged sides of the key

The item comes unpainted and covered in a paper film so as to aid simple and speedy painting. All you need to paint these is the colours of your choice in acrylic paints. You then simple paint it over the surface and when dry peel off the paper layer to reveal the full metallic finish of the acrylic.

each key comes supplied with 3 large self adhesive gems and 3 small self adhesive gems that you stick on.