XL wooden box
XL wooden box
XL wooden box
XL wooden box

XL wooden box

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XL wooden box

The XL wooden box a longer version of our standard box and is the perfect box for those low model count games like Guild ball, Batman, Bushido, Malifaux etc.


The box can be custom engraved for free. please see the Advice for custom engraving below.


The box can hold upto 19 miniatures and comes complete with everything you need to set the box up except glue (you will need PVA glue and some form of superglue).

The cut out that the miniatures fit into is designed to accomodate 15 x 30mm based models, 2 x 40mm based models and 2 x 50mm based models.

Both the 40mm and 50mm cut outs come complete with inserts that allow you to shrink the holes to 30mm and 40mm respectively.

So if you needed to you can hold 19 x 30mm based models or 15 x 30mm & 4 x 40mm based models etc. There are several combinations your could have.

If you need a different design of insert that can hold larger numbers of larger based models and less 30mm bases then please let us know and we can customise the insert to suit your needs.


As well as the base insert the box comes complete with an insert tray that is designed to fit over you models and can hold your gaming accessories like cards, templates, dice and tokens. The tray comes flat packed and is easily assembled using PVA glue.


The Xl box insert can hold our measuring sticks including the 8 inch long stick.

If you have not got a set of measuring sticks or have never played using measuring sticks instead of a tape measure then you need get a set. Playing table top games with measuring sticks is a very fast and conveniant way to play.


The box measures approx 14x24x8.5cm and can hold miniatures upto 66mm high with the insert tray and upto approx 80mm with the tray left out.


The boxes come in their natural wood finish and look good but if you wish to customise them even further then the natural wood finish is the perfect blank canvas for painting, varnishing, staining, stickers and decoupage or any other finish you can apply to wood


Custom engraving:

The boxes can be custom engraved for free. you will see examples of this in some of the pictures on the website.

When placing an order for boxes you can leave a comment to tell us if you want the box engraved or not.

If you want your boxes engraved with words only, you can tell us exactly what text you would like in the comments box of the order.


If you would prefer the box to be engraved with a specific symbol, design or drawing etc then you can tell us that in the comments box and then email us directly your artwork to customisedgaming@hotmail.com please quote your order number in the email.


The size and positioning of the engraving will be similar to that in the examples photographs. There may be slight variances due to the shape and design of your artwork.


For the best results the design/artwork should be black & white (although coloured images can be used) and should be line art/simple type designs. Ultimately we can engrave any image/design you provide however the end results may not be as good/well defined if the advice above is not followed.

If you are unsure then please email us with your image and questions and we will offer advice as best we can.


The artwork must be of your own design and /or free from any copyright, trademark or any other legal protection unless you have the permision of the owner to use it. It is your responsibilty to provide us with a design that is legal for us to engrave. Customised gaming will not engrave any logo/design that we knowingly know to be under legal protection.


Due to the custom nature of the products on this site. All orders are made to order.

We endeavour to ship all items as soon as possible, typically within 2-3 working days however there may be occasions when this is longer due to demand. We will always ship orders in the order they are placed so as to be fair to our customers.

For full details of our refund and exchange policy please see the refund policy page.