Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert
Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert
Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert
Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert
Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert
Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert
Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert

Miniature storage tray Ferrous sheet insert

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Miniature storage tray magnetic sheet insert


This is for 1 Ferrous sheet cut out to fit any of the miniature storage trays in this range.


we sell 2 types of magnetic/ferrous sheets that can be placed into the base of the tray so that you can add additional protection levels for your miniatures. 


Ferrous Sheets:

The Ferrous sheets can be stuck to the base of the tray and then an insert stuck on top (if required). The ferrous sheets allow you to stick magnets under the base of your miniature. The more Neodymium magnets (or other types of magnets) you stick under your miniatures base, the more pull there will be to the sheet. So a small plastic miniature may only need 1 or 2 small magnets, where as a larger/heavier model would need more.

In testing we could easily keep large and heavy miniatures magnetised to the ferrous sheets even when upside down, Although please do not store your miniatures hanging upside down  as it is not recommended. 


Magnetic sheets:

With the magnetic sheets Like some of our other wooden storage boxes, you can glue washers to the base of your miniatures so that they magnetise to the sheet and sit in the insert, thereby offering additional protection and also weighting your models down for regular game play.

Should you have large vehicles of various sizes or some other Miniatures of various sizes that you need to store in a tray, you can use the magnetic sheet without an insert and use washers on the underside of your models to hold them in place. The magnetic sheets are rated to have a pull of 23 grams per square centimetre.






Please note:


The magnetic sheets work very well at adding stability to your miniatures when in storage but are not designed to hold miniatures secure during rough handling or upside down. Magnetic trays have to strike a balance between grip and practicality. If the megnetic force is too great you can damage the miniatures when taking them out. In testing we found that miniatures could often be pulled off of their bases or weapons and arms would be pulled off if the magnetic force was too great when pulling the miniature off of the magnetic base (especially with delicate, small parts of miniatures)

Our range of miniature storage trays are designed to hold your collections of miniatures of various sizes in a convenient,efficient and practical storage solution.


Each tray measures 196mm x 296mm and therefore takes up less area than an A4 page.

The tray comes flat packed and will need to be assembled using PVA wood glue. This is an easy process that takes a few minutes per tray.


Each tray comes with a clear acrylic insert for one end of the tray so that you can see which miniature collection you have inside.

Eacg tray in this range will stack onto any other tray. so you do not need a seperate lid for each tray. One lid for the top of a stack of trays is sufficient, although you may want 1 or 2 spare lids if you have a rather large miniature collection as this will allow you to select th etrays you need to take with you and still have a lid to cover the miniatures you leave behind.


We have a range of inserts available that have cut outs for various bases that your miniatures may have. These inserts will fit into any of the trays in this range. This means your miniatures can be held upright while in storage and when moved normally.

We even offer a custom tray service, should you have a bespoke layout.